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Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Chinese Child Clothing Ancient Chinese Style Long Dress Chinese Prom Dress Chinese Formal Dress

Beauty and refinement of the Chinese Clothing, Chinese Dress, Cheongsam, and Oriental Dress come together as one in this Charismatic Chinese Blouse special selection. Undoubtedly, endowed with fine Chinese fabric like silk, satin, brocade and the delicacy of the Chinese design, our collection of Chinese Blouse Dress are sure to make you really standout in an occasion.

"Chinese Child Clothing Ancient Chinese Style Long Dress Chinese Prom Dress Chinese Formal Dress"
Chinese blouses, Cheongsam, Silk Dresses, Silk Lingerie, kung Fu Shirt, Man Silk Pajamas, Silk Chiffon Dress, these items are always among the best seller list of the store of Chinese Clothing, Chinese Dress, Cheongsam, Qipao. Silk has been China's greatest export for centuries, and also a vital part of its heritage. Stories tell of Lei Zu, wife of the mythical Yellow Emperor, spinning silk in 2550 BC. And of succeeding empresses attending an annual ceremony to pick mulberry leaves that are fed to the silkworm.

The secret of silk making was jealously guarded-it was a capital crime to export silkworms. China became known to the Ancient Greeks as the Silk Country and the material came to change the life style of Europe with a comfortable luxury in place of coarse native cloth.

China continues to produce silk in countless varieties, including damask, satin, crepe georgette, raw silk and brocade. There is also a long tradition of silk embroidery, which is still carried on by hand and machine.

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